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Roll Lamination

The ideal choice for schools as well as offices, roll laminators are the quick, convenient and cost effective way to preserve posters, maps, banners, blueprints and more.

Unlike traditional hand held lamination, roll laminators use cartridges of rolled film, which feed through automatically, ensuring a perfect finish first time, every time.  

Our range of roll laminators give users choice. Choose from either ultra slim or heavyweight laminating film from 42.5 up to 250 microns thick to allow for customization per project.

Making even the most difficult tasks simple, innovative features such as in-built paper cutters to trim film, rapid warm up times of approximately a minute, and easy operation keypads increase productivity and allow you to get on with the task in hand.

  • RollSeal™ Ultima 35 Ezload EU
    RollSeal™ Ultima 35 Ezload EU

    A simple-to-use, fast and flexible A3 Roll Laminator with unique EzLoad™ Features & Benefits. Ideal for broad-based applications in Offices & Education Lamination width up to A3 max (305 mm), all lengths From 42.5 micron up to 250 micron (Total 500µ) Film Usage Variable Temperature Fixed Speed -...


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