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GBC MultiBind 420 Binding Machine

GBC MultiBind 420 Binding Machine



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About This Product

Ideal for heavy use, the MultiBind 420 is a robust multi-functional binder that can create comb, click or wire bound A4/A5 documents. It can punch up to 20 time 80 gsm sheets ready for click or both traditional 34 and 21 loop wire binding, or for comb binding, while it binds up to 125 sheets using 14mm wire, 145 sheets (16mm click) or 450 sheets (51mm comb).


  • Wire Compression Chamber - For compressing WireBind documents
  • Double Handle - For extra power when punching.
  • Punch capacity: 20 pages (80gsm) for comb.
  • Punch capacity: 125 pages (80gsm) for wire and click.
  • Binding capacity: 450 pages - Using a 51mm comb.
  • Binding capacity: 125 pages - Using a 14mm wire.
  • Binding capacity: 145 pages - Using a 16mm click.
  • Solid construction, provides longer life and greater durability.
  • Punch Capacity: 12 pages (80gsm) for wire and click.



  • UPC: 5028252236652


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